Talaash Association is a national Human Rights organization of India working against all forms of violence against women and children, for the welfare of women and children and towards protecting their human rights. We welcome all the socially-engaged volunteers, activists, young professionals, media personal, and NGOs, CBOs for partnering to create high impact mass awareness, prevention, protection, reintegration and assisting in field operations. If the following information does not answer your questions, please email us at the below mentioned address.

What does the Talaash Association do?

Our mission is to establish and strengthen a partnership with Government, National/International Development Agencies and Corporate Bodies to bring large scale sustainable positive changes and to mitigate issues of political, social and economic vulnerability. To this end, we have taken various projects in acts of prevention, protection, prosecution, partnership and integration of all forms of survivors including Trafficking in Persons.  Rescue, release, Raid, repatriation, recovery, providing shelter support including legal aid, psychosocial counselling, formal and non formal education, vocational training,  capacity building of multi-level stakeholders, research, advocacy to enact/reform/ amendment of laws & policies are the main intervention of Talaash Association.

Can I work for the Talaash Association? How do I Apply?

Available job positions are listed on the Job page  of our website, along with directions on how to apply. Talaash is hiring in the following areas; Administration, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, IT/Information Systems, Procurement, Logistics, Advocacy, Monitoring/Evaluation, Networking/Partnership, Woman & Child Protection, Research/Critical Analysis, Community Mobilization & Management,  Capacity Development/Knowledge management, Legal/Policy, Investigation, Resettlement and Fund-Raising and academic personnel.

Can I intern for the Talaash Association? How do I apply?

Available internships are listed on the Volunteer & internship page of our website, along with directions on how to apply. Please note that all positions of internship is unpaid and we will reimburse expenditures related to organize events/programme, and conveyance but subject to approval by the management.

I have applied for a position with the Talaash Association. What is the status of my application?

We receive many applications and thus cannot reply to every submission. If you have applied for a job or internship with the Talaash Association, we will contact you if we are considering you for the position.

Can my organization apply for a grant or partnership with your organization?

As a national Human Rights organization, the Talaash Association generally share funding and arrange partnerships in terms of implement projects and field operation.

I am seeking assistance because I am in need of care, protection and shelter. Can you help me?

If you have undergone torture, abuse, exploitation, domestic violence, trafficking, rape, sexual abuse, if your child is missing or maybe you know someone who is in child labour, the Talaash Association will be able to assist you. Please note that we do not disclose your identity as confidentiality is extremely important to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us as all lives are special.

Still have questions? Please contact us.