Marriages are not always “safe” for women. It is a big weapon used to prey a woman of Human Trafficking.

“The following story is narrating not to entertain you, it is to tell you the ugly truth of Human Trafficking. The names are used fictitious, but the story is the truth. Take the story for education purpose and to create mass awareness in order to prevent Human Trafficking.”  

Pari was the eldest daughter of a hardcore poor family from Jessor district of Bangladesh. At a young age of 15, she also became a mother to her younger sister. When finance is tight even to fill the stomachs of four, it became even more choking to fill the hospital cash counters for the treatment of her mother. Apart from this, at a young age of 15, she was the homemaker and caretaker of two. This burden made Pari fall to the opportunity of being a beautician in India with a salary of Rs. 15,000/- per month. And, she had a reason to trust the opportunity as it came from a relative to whose family her neighbor was married. She was brought to K.R.Puram, Bangalore, after crossing Kolkata and Chennai, she realized families and relatives need not be truthful always. And it is just an illusion that the relatives and families use to exploit. She was left in a Brothel where she found her neighbor, Rekha, who was also trafficked two months after her marriage. Though Rekha made a deal to let Pari go, it was not happening and Pari was sexual, physically and emotionally abused and violated there. After five days of her sufferings, a raid was conducted in the place in June 2013 which rescued none of the girls due to powerful influences. But, with the short-lived influences, another raid was conducted the following day and several girls along with Pari and Rekha were rescued.

Here, in the government shelter home, Rekha had a realization to be dawn. Rekha disassociated herself from others and was strongly believing that her husband Zahid would come and save her. But, there she came to know that there was another girl in the same home, who was also married to Zahid. It was then evident that Rekha, Pari and the other girl were trafficked by Mala, Zahid’s cousin sister. Zahid has even stayed at Rekha’s place for two months before coming to India. It was in India, that he left Rekha alone at home when his friend Viplav took her and sent her with a lady named Rosy, who was running the brothel and she forced Rekha into sex work. Rekha and the other girl who was married to Zahid realized that marriages need not be safe always. When the most trusted institutions, marriage, and family have exploited them, the girls had only Talaash Association and it’s counseling sessions to confide in. They were helped through numerous counseling sessions from Talaash Association along with shelter and skills development training.

Talaash Association also helped them in the legal battle for 2 years and 8 months after which they were successfully repatriated to their countries in 2016. Talaash Association made sure it responds to the needs and comfort of the Victims Rights from rescue to rehabilitation, repatriation, and further protection and livelihood.

Talaash Association continues its journey to combat against Human Trafficking. Till 2019, We have saved 1200+ survivors of Human Trafficking. We need more resources to save more, will you join us to end Human Trafficking? Join the battle

The story is written by Naagha Syamala